This seems like a great time to subscribe my RSS !

Hi, this is a call to the Ubuntu bloggers around which are not yet on to join it and get their blog aggregated. logo

Why ?

I believe that UbuntuWeblogs got few subscribers in the recent times, mostly because it’s not widely known. I also think there’s some nice and little known blogs around which would be nice to have aggregated here.

As opposed to some bad quality aggregators around UbuntuWeblogs currently includes relevant feeds and some good quality posts.

That brings interested/non-casual readers to whichever Ubuntu blogger wishes to make their voice heard, and a centralized information point to whoever is interested in Ubuntu and/or don’t use an RSS reader.

If you have a blog and have not yet joined UbuntuWeblogs, please consider the chance.

If you are already on UbuntuWeblogs but have some good ubuntu-related blog in your RSS reader, consider contacting the author and propose him to join.

Here’s the submission page :-) !

Let me know if you join or can get someone to join !

Also, Digg, Stumble or vote on FreeSoftwareDaily this post, if you use those services.

I’ll leave you with some interesting posts to be found on UW recently:

8 Responses

  1. Tiago Faria

    Hi Stefano,

    The link to the post about Squid and CDNs is wrong.

  2. Hi, well I don’t blog that often but I’m considering to start blogging more.

    Would my blog be okey ?

  3. Stefano Forenza

    Not any more. Thanks !

  4. Stefano Forenza

    @Bert_2: why not ? :-)
    Also, if you don’t blog strictly about Ubuntu/Linux, you can simply aggregate the Ubuntu/Linux feed only.

    Read the rules here !

  5. dave

    there is no point in submitting to ubuntuweblogs the following rule is not following whoever is hosting this

    No advertisement on the posts
    No text links, no images, no AdSense, nothing! Those ‘share’ buttons also suck!

    I can see some people are using adsense so what is the point of submitting and if you don’t want to follow rule

  6. Stefano Forenza

    @Dave, could you re-formulate ? I can’t understand what you precisely mean.

  7. dave

    OK.In page there are some submission rules for example whoever is going to submit their blogs should not use adsense but if you see some of the blogs featured in ubuntuweblogs clearly using adsense so who is breaking rules is the blog authors or the website itself.

    The whole concept is missleading here

  8. Stefano Forenza

    @dave: I wrote a mail to the administrator of UW some hour before your first comment. He answered that he was clear to him that the ads rule applied only to ads embedded into the feed. Despite that, I got him to clear up the rules a bit. So try to take a look to the rules again, they should have changed a bit.

    Summarizing: you can have the ads you want on your site, but not on the feeds, otherwise they would show on UW as well, and that would be bad(tm)

    The only thing I see non-conforming in the aggregated blogs (mine included), it’s the buttons.

    As for me, I’ll try to disable them just for the feed that gets aggregated on UW. It will take me some day to get that done, anyway.

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