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Ubuntu Satanic pentagram

I’ve been warned by Jono that the Satanic issue with Canonical is solved. Now, that’s fast !

Heya everyone,

OK, I checked into it and I have managed to clear this up. Some kind of mistake occured and the Ubuntu Satanic Edition folks should not have got that letter. I spoke with our trademarks folks and they will be sending them an explicit trademark license as their merch is clearly under parody, which we are indeed cool about in the trademark license. Rock on!

Speaking of rock, can we change it to Ubuntu Metal Edition? I would install it… :-P

Hope this clears things up, thanks folks!


Thumbs up to everyone ! Thanks Jono !

Update: I’m surprised by the number of people talking about Satanism. Ubuntu SE is about bad music and parody, not religion.

24 Responses

  1. Stefano Forenza

    Also, you can’t win Windows without the help of the devil ;-) .

  2. glad it has been sorted out quickly

  3. crycry

    They can’t change the name. It was released as a counterpoint to Ubuntu Christian Edition.

  4. Moo

    Ubuntu Christian Edition has been discontinued, so they could change the name.

  5. Scarlet Pimpernel

    So Ubuntu’s NOT making Mono part of the default installation? =)

  6. Stefano Forenza

    @Scarlet Pimpernel: ROTFL, no Scarlet, we’re talking about another kind of “evil” here :-) .

  7. This project needs to be culled as it will hurt Ubuntu’s image. People will associate the Satanic name with the official Ubuntu.

  8. zcat

    Ummmm, mono is already part of the default install. It’s the first thing I remove (along with tomboy and fspot) every single time I do an ubuntu install. It’s the one and only thing I really do not like about Ubuntu.

  9. rob enderle

    >It was released as a counterpoint

    Oh, assholes.

    how refreshing, we so need more of that kind in free software.

  10. Stefano Forenza

    @rob enderle:


    What is Ubuntu Satanic Edition?
    Ubuntu SE is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It brings together the best free software and free metal music on one CD.

    Think again. Ubuntu SE is about metal not Christianity. Satanic-Christian edition makes up for good jokes though (“hey, Ubuntu Satanic Edition packages refused to install on my Ubuntu Christian edition !” and so on).

  11. unimpressed

    I don’t see the problem. Satanism is just another Christian sect: same mythology, same pantheon, same blinkered worldview. Lavey just mixed in some Rand/Nietzsche hedonism to spice up his version, everything else is stock Christianity with locally inverted polarities. If you’re gonna approve one sect, you should approve ‘em all.

  12. Stefano Forenza can you please change the name of your project?

    ‘Wicked” would have been a better name as it’s more connotations than the bastion of dark religion.

    Are Ubuntu happy with you using the ‘Satanic’ name against their project?

  13. andy w

    @CHub – Did you not see that the whole point of the post is that Ubuntu don’t mind because its obviously a parody (that’s a joke for those who don’t know the word).
    Its always seemed to me that Jono Bacon is an intelligent guy, & Canonical are probably embarrassed that it(the banning of the merchandise) happened at all – the last thing they need is to be seen as “uncool” especially by younger people who are the future long-term loyal user base

  14. Endless, Nameless


    Hopefully there won’t be a Thelemic edition of Ubuntu anytime soon.. the Satanic edition is embarassing enough.

    93/93 93

  15. Charlie

    Looks like I’ll be pulling Ubuntu out of all the schools that I support and transition them to CentOS/Fedora only. Sad that Canonical does not see how this will impact their product use in public and private schools. What a shame… All because one misguided group of people are trying to push their ideology on others.

  16. Stefano Forenza

    @Charlie: I can see your point. I just called up the France police and advised to switch their thousands of computers to something saner :D

  17. Charlie

    Do you think Red Hat or Novell would let their name/trademark be used for something like this? No they would not! As a matter of fact I would like to see you try it with their product and see how fast their lawyers would be calling on you… It’s a shame when companies allow themselves to be used to make a statement or push someones personal agenda on others.

  18. Stefano Forenza

    @Charile: until now, you’re pretty much the only one to have problem with it. Nobody ever complained before bringing up the issue: ubuntu users were happily using Ubuntu and metal shills were happily using Ubuntu SE.

    Also, I feel sorry for your lack of humor :)

  19. terr0rist

    Well I’m not a “Satanist” nor a Ubuntu user, and in no way a concerned party. But I feel like around there’s a big haul to defense of minorities’ rights, so if homosexuals are allowed to have their point of view why not satanists? Either position is contrary to Christianity, but plain atheism is way too contrary, and whatever, not belief be judged but deeds, if those satanists don’t do anything wrong, at least more wrong than homosexuals or atheists, let’em live. By the way, I also somewhat humbly feel like Ubuntu users group is a minority itself. So instead of quarreling, better put up with someone other’s different opinions as long as these others don’t break the law.

  20. We need Ubuntu Hindu Edition with filmi music.

  21. Moo

    @Terr0rist. I should have guessed it was the fault of the gays.

  22. shamil

    Looks like I’ll be pulling Ubuntu out of all the schools that I support and transition them to CentOS/Fedora only. Sad that Canonical does not see how this will impact their product use in public and private schools. What a shame… All because one misguided group of people are trying to push their ideology on others.”

    I think charlie should slowly transition himself out of all the schools that he provides support for his misguided attempt to try to push his ideology on others. You think he’d be the same way about ubuntu muslim edition. Yanking ubuntu because of one edition has the word satanic when it’s not even about satanism….book cover judge worthy and TARDED!!!

  23. Greenpen

    I have yet to hear of a satanic suicide bomber, or a satanic inquisition. Nuff said?

  24. chicko

    sweet jesus…who cares? satan edition, christion edtion, etc…i installed the satanic version because I like the hot chick wallpapers..

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