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Jackalope Jaunty to boot faster than the time I took to write this headline. Kinda.

Update: Matt's bootchart available now available ! Google's evangelist Matt Cutts just gifted himself with a new SSD drive for his laptop. Since Jaunty is told to be fast at booting, he adjusted Grub to have a 0 second timeout, Gnome to use auto-login and automatically start Firefox. (also note: he didn't installed Jaunty from scratch. He...
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How to make an infinite mirror with Ubuntu [HOW TO]

Infinite mirrors are rightfully considered a business critical feature these days. Today I'll show you how to make one with Ubuntu. This tutorial should work with any distribution running Gnome. Gnome makes it easy, but be careful to follow closely the steps, or your mirror may broke. Here are the steps:
  • Minimize all your applications
  • Press the PrntScrn/Print Screen...
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Canonical’s blog shoots right in the eye of cyclope

Chris Kenyon, in the last Canonical blog's entry, manages to do the right thing and explicitely marks as FUD the Microsoft propaganda about Linux return rates being higher than Window's in the netbook market. If you're interested in his analysis, I highly suggest you to read such post. What I'd like to add, is that if...
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Ubuntu: Feminine theme by default :-)

Note: although I purposely posted this article on April 1st, this is not an April fool. It's a collection of quotes from a mailing list discussion. So there's a chance things will really happen if the project gets pursued. [this post contains excerpts from a mailing-list discussion about Karmic Koala release - citations from too...
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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. How to waste time.

This post is inspired by a comment from CaptainHawk and by Linux Loop's article "Repository Adding Via Apt-URL - An Overlooked Feature of Ubuntu 9.04". So, let's look how the feature will be implemented and why it is overlooked. (hint: because it sucks). Introduction, apt-url and the problem (you can skip this) Thanks to the...
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