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Iphone and Ipod Touch finally syncable.

iphonelinuxrecoverymode-withlogoLifehacker recently reported some "Ubuntu Hackers" :-) found a way to sync Iphone and Ipod Touch running the latest firmware with Linux. This is a great news for those that un-cautious enough to buy such a device just to discover right after it's a cage Read the update...
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[HOW TO] Get the new Notifications on Intrepid

Update: fixed a minor glitch in the how-to, added a troubleshooting section. Update2: added new dependency to the instructions. Also note that to update your existing version you need to go into its directory, type "bzr pull", sudo apt-get install libwnck-dev, and recompile. Hi, Alex Rybicki posted a tutorial about how to get the new...
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Hide Gnome panel to get the most

On every computer I'm using I like to get the maximum screen estate I can. I also like to enjoy my wall papers without having the two default Gnome panels in the way. Here are some tweaks I do on every computer I use (that's true especially for notebooks and netbooks like the eeePc ). Set your...
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