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Karmic UDS

Along with the cool new Ubuntu’s codename, the location for the next UDS was announced.

Now, Barcellona is a nice place, and going there in late May even cooler I say. And the UDS is called ‘Karmic UDS’. That was so awesome, I couldn’t resist submit my request for sponsorship. I even found a good reason for them to invite me !

My submission for Karmic UDS :-D Of course that was not serious, and I’m not going to partecipate at the UDS anyway, so I hope they just make a laugh at it and don’t get mad at me ;-) .

I mean, Jono withstands everything. Even this !

Qense nevrosis postponed

Sense managed to complete the rewrite of the core of UbuntuWanted. That will likely help his nerves, at least for now ;-) .

For those who don’t know, UbuntuWanted is community project to help projects getting contributors, as well as helping potential contributors to jump in.

The only thing Qense didn’t think about before starting the project, is how he’s going to find contributors himself. If you’re interested in helping him out, contact him.

Not a complete failure

An handful of blog ninjas saved me from having to call the Apps Guerrilla Meme a complete failure. That was just an average failure. :-(

If anyone still wants to partecipate you’re still in time :-) .

What about Do-like functionality in Gnome 3 ?

A neat idea from a commenter on the Andrea Cimitan’s blog:

@Cimi: it would be great to see Do-like functionality incorporated in Gnome 3, not just on the desktop, but also at the application level. Programs like the Gimp or Inkscape use a lot of keyboard shortcuts that may be hard to memorize all-at-once. Using the Do-metaphor *within* the application will let you invoke functions quickly, and discover keyboard shortcuts in the process.

I don’t have anything against Mono, but for Do to become an integral part of the Gnome Desktop, I think it would almost have to be part of GTK+, because it needs to communicate with other parts of the interface to know which functions are applicable given the situation (it makes no sense to list ‘Crop to selection’ as an option when nothing has been selected).

[ source ]

Rapache got some love back

Some guy came around our IRC channel (#rapache on freenode) to say thanks for rapache, and offered to gave back some love editing the front page of our wiki.

While before the wiki was laying alone empty and sad, now it’s much more helpful to people.  Many thanks !

He also is putting up an informational site about webserver configuration for windows and ubuntu, take a look :-) .

LinuxHater loves Suse

Kind of. I thought his blog was dead, as the new posts were boring and useless. Instead, he managed to put together a lengthy post about Suse which is just a little bit better than the previous two. (here – don’t read if you’re easily offended)

Don’t panic everyone! Apparently openSUSE is not dead yet.
[...] Running their distro is more painful than trying to make a call on an OpenMoko.

He also links this letter as the first thing in the post, which can be quite interesting.

[quote] The Pirate Bay trial – Day 4

Nice quote here:

Fredrik was then questioned about his relationship with advertiser Oded Daniel. When the prosecution asked if Oded was involved in the technical aspects of TPB, Fredrik replied.. “No, he’s not good at that. He uses Windows, so…” There was laughter heard on the live audio feed after that remark, not from the court room, but from the listening lounge next door where the bloggers are situated.

[ via TorrentFreak ]

[quote] Operating Systems analogy

… and here:

Every operating system has its place in the world, just like every body part has its place in the body. Linux is the torso, and Windows is the anus.

[ from LinuxHaters comments ]

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