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Who said I should publish round-ups only on Sunday ? And who said I shall do them every sunday ?

Ok, I have to admit that I’ve been bad lately with round-ups, here’s some good stuff I found around, enjoy !

Ubuntu installed on Nokia internet tablets

That’s right, Nokia N810 and N800 have been bent to the will of community.

Nokia N810 internet tablet

Nokia N810 internet tablet

Ubuntu on Nokia splash screen

Ubuntu on Nokia splash screen

Ubuntu Rescue(?) Menu

Ubuntu Rescue(?) Menu

Click on the images above to get the full size images.

If someone amongst you has one of those fancy devices and want’s to try, here’s the whole procedure. Here’s some more screenshots.

Also, if any of you wants to buy me one as a gift to reward my screenshots stealing efforts, just post a comment with your email down here ;-) .

[via Engadget; image credits: engadget, b-man]

Apple iPod Shuffle headphones policy to raise concerns and shadows


The new iPod Shuffle will refuse to work with third-party headphones that don’t contain an “Apple licensed authentication chip“. That sounds like a joke, but it’s true, and confirms the well know bad Apple‘s attitude.

What does this chip does, other than locking out independent vendors unless they get expensively accepted by Apple ? Together with the DRM encumbered new Display Port standard, the foundation of total media control are getting laid. This is something US anti-trust and EU commission should really give a look into.

A dirty hack has obviously already have been found. In the sense you’ll have to get your hands really dirty.

Software wars map

I often hear people claiming the (free software’s? Ubuntu’s?) mission is “take over the world“. While I don’t necessarily agree with the term and, by the way, my opinions are not necessarily those of my employers (nor my pets, fans and shoes), here’s a little map that could help them not get lost in the software world.

Awesome brought to you by, successfully stolen by me

Awesomeness brought to you by, successfully stolen by me

note: I don’t necessarily agree with the map above (disclosure: I didn’t even spend time to read it)

Installation ease being a *bug* not a feature !

Check out the scaring story of Gabriel, who inadvertitely left is precious box at the mercy of his parents with Mandriva’s Live CD still in the drive. Everybody now scream My mom runs Ubuntu !

Italy’s government to try wipe off anonimity on the Internet (LOL) with the excuse of Pedophily.

news_21c1f5d55ae00258Don’t laugh, this is real. Really !

Gabriella Carlucci, ex showgirl and italian deputy, presented a new law proposal, with the declared intent of fighting pedo-pornography.
To the disappoint of technology press [see vogliono chiudere la rete - translation: "they want to lock the net"], the proposal’s text seemed to have nothing to do with child pornography (despite the declared intents), rather than with putting outlaw websites that allow anonymity for their users.

This is already pretty lame, but the best has yet to come. Looking at the properties of the file containing the proposed text, a Microsoft Word Document, the name of Davide Rossi – president of Univideo (Italian Union of Audio-Visive Editory) – was to be found.

That obviously led to a number of concerns about the whole matter, as obviously the president of a content providers association is not really expected to write (or even edit) laws in place of the deputies, nor deputies are expected to be paper-passers on behalf of business men of any kind.

Carlucci later explained, below the beginning translated as literally as possible (square brackets contain text written by me):

Dear Giacomo [a journalist],
there is not secret to be revealed. My collaborators followed attorney David Rossi’s intervention (which is not only Univideo President [?!?!?]) at the meeting organized by Assodigitale on 15th January and I had the opportunity to share with him some ideas, and ask him to send me some informational notes.

For example the one of the responsibility of own acts, even if performed via the internet, that is you cannot throw a stone then hide your hand [the "cannot..hand" is a common saying in Italy].

You’ll be surely agree with me about this – year’s 2000 directive has been conceived when Internet was not yet web 2.0 [!!!] but there were more easily identifiable sites in case of violation. Nowadays it’s more easy to launch a discussion forum with a well defined title but leave to the polo [guess she meant "people"]  of the Internet, in anonymous manner, abuse perpetration such as defamation, injury, slander.

But there’s more. Who gone to check the propierties of the documents related to the law proposal about the Internet, has recovered the generalities of the author [which we all expected to be her], but strangely forgot to cite the files denomination [...]

Follow the link above for the full letter, but it’s written in italian, and by the way, the rest of the text doesn’t get any smarter than this.

Ok, you’re free to laugh now. :-)

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  1. It reminds me of the MEP that said that if Turkey wasn’t allowed to enter the EU, Italy should be kicked because they don’t apply to the rules either.
    Now that would be a bit harsh, but it does smell an awful lot like corruption.

    Anyway, just put an Ubuntu CD in her drive and gone is the proposal!

  2. Stefano Forenza

    @Sense: unlikely the Ubuntu CD would make any difference. Looks like she didn’t even wrote the law herself. It’s unlikely she uses computers in any way.

  3. [...] promised,” says Tacone, “at the end of th[is] article you’ll find a little snippet on the next Italian net-censorship act. It’s perhaps a [...]

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