Pc Games From CD To Internet

Playing games has become one of the favorite time passes for many. More and more games are being introduced to engage us. The game varies from a normal shooting game to attractive and interactive 3D games. This was not the case a few years back. If the technology has not increased this much, we would not be having such varieties in PC games. We would have been got stuck in DOS games. Thanks to the growth in technology.

A quick recap of the vast changes that have taken place in the gaming industry will let you understand how we have moved to the internet.

Classic AOL CDs

CD: This is how we have started our journey of playing games. A lot of games were available on CD. You have to insert the Disc into your computer. Certain games could be played directly from the CD and certain games allow you to play only when it is downloaded from your disc. The main advantage is that you get a complete version of the game. The other advantages are you can use your CD on any number of PCs to download and you can download the game even when it got erased from your computer. The downside is that most of the CD games hold only a single game in it.

Download from the Internet: With the development of the internet, many programmers came forward to write codes for developing games that can be downloaded from the internet.

These types of games were initially only a few but even that has grown nowadays. You can download any kind of game from the internet now. If you like to experience the DOS mode of games, even that is available over the internet at places such as Some of the downloadable types of games from online are adventures, educational, Sports and lots more.

The biggest advantage in downloading games from the internet is that, once you download the games from the internet, you can play them right from your computer without any connection to the net.


World of Warcraft, a famous Online Game

Online Games: Apart from the internet games, there are certain games that could be played online directly. It is enough if you connect your system to the internet, you need not download anything from the internet. The main advantage of playing online is that you can play the variety of games at any time. You need not get stuck in a single game as you as do in the downloadable games.


Across Network: Another interesting thing that our internet technology has provided us is that one could play with other players online, across the network. For example, consider the game of chess, two players from the different location can play the game. Here, you can choose from the players who are available online to play the game. Isn’t this great? You can even ask your friends to come online and can enjoy playing with them.

Connect to TV: One may feel that laptop screens are much smaller to play with. In that case, you can even connect your PC to your giant HD TV screen and enjoy playing it.
From Compact Disc to the internet the gaming industry has come a long way. Let us wait and watch what the future holds for us.

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