Mind mapping application for Linux

Mind mapping application for Linux

I’d like to share with you a social brainstormingmind mapping Linux application I found some days ago.

Sample Xmind map

Xmind is an Eclipse based application, which can run on any platform. So, yeah, not just Linux, but – stumbling on their website – I was pretty much surprised to find out that a .deb download option has been care taken of.

User Interface

Despite being based on Eclipse (which means bloat to many of us), the interface is very polished, and every unnecessary feature has been stripped off.

Here’s a screenshot of the right sidebar:


Nice, uh ? For sake of completeness I’ll include of the full window:

Xmind screenshot

Web sharing

Though the press of a simple button it’s possible to upload your map to Xmind.net and share it with whoever you want. A private sharing feature is available, but only in the pay-for version.

Uploading is quite painless. Basically you just press the upload button in the toolbar, authenticate and you’re done.

Xmind upload button

Right after uploading Xmind will ask you if you desire to review your submission. If you choose to do so, a webpage will open displaying the map you just sent, along with the classical embed code. Cool enough, the webpage will open into a new tab inside the Xmind software itself. That’s pretty nifty if you have a site and don’t want into the screenshotting/editing/uploading painflow yet another time (and if you really have to, try the easy way).

So, here’s how an embedded maps appear (it’s the previously screenshotted one, with a new theme applied):

Note that you can move around by dragging and that the outline view is also available by clicking the appropriate button in the toolbar.

Funnily enough, the code embedding input text, didn’t allow me to copy paste inside Firefox browser. I worked around just dragging the text from the Xmind window to my wordpress page. Annoying glitch though.

Is it free?

Well, yes and no. Xmind is totally free and open-source (as in drunken speech), but a pay-for option is available with additional features.

Since such features are mainly stuff like additional web-service privacy features (note that this is the same approach that Launchpad adopts), proprietary formats export and clip-art galleries it makes sense to have them in the commercial release of the software.

Nevertheless, the open source version is featureful more than enough to be worth downloading.


Well, I didn’t have much time to play very much with it, but I plan to do so because seems like many advanced lie ready to be discovered.  Should you like to try the software, download it here. Ubuntu 32/64 bit debs are available from the same page, along with Windows, Mac, Portable, and Eclipse plugin only downloads.

Help needed

As this is an award winning application, it struck me to never have heard about it. Also, I like the fact commercial software house are getting in the Linux field more and more and even provide Debian packages.

Do you know any other dual licensed application worth trying ? If so, make sure to comment this post to let me know.

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5 responses to “Mind mapping application for Linux”

  1. JJMacey


    I love your Blog!

    I went to a Mind-Mapping course by Tony Buzan in Brussels, Belgium once. At the end we learned to juggle. And I’ve not remembered anything from the 3-day course.

    I think that I’ll add you to my WP Blog Roll!

    I’ll look forward to your help when I switch back to Ubuntu. LOL!

  2. Stefano Forenza

    Thank you :)

  3. JJMacey

    No problem.

    Glad to have met you.

  4. Boycott Novell » Links 21/03/2009: GNU/Linux Advances; Free Software Prioritised in Germany

    [...] Mind mapping application for Linux Xmind is an Eclipse based application, which can run on any platform. So, yeah, not just Linux, but – stumbling on their website – I was pretty much surprised to find out that a .deb download option has been care taken of. [...]

  5. JJMacey

    Gotta get back to Ubuntu!

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