Did you know LinuxOutlaws ?

Did you know LinuxOutlaws ?

As of 2009, I began to blog much more than before. After circa 1 month, I began to gain readers and got cited from sources like LinuxToday, LifeHacker, BoycottNovell and so on. I am quite happy about that, as it encourages me to blog more, and it further makes me happy to see some nice discussions starting to appear in the comments below my post.

That said: you know you’re someone when you get cited 2 times in a single episode of LinuxOutlaws. ;-)

Funnily enough, I firstly knew about LinuxOutlaws existance from the statistics of my website. They seem to have a secret wiki to brainstorm the content of their next episode. (once again: it’s secret ! Don’t tell anyone, let it be a secret shared between me, you and a few thousands people)
(ben2talk was also kind enough to cite their website in a comment)

I may be biased at this point (sure I am!), but this brought their work to my attention once again, and I began to wondering why I never talked about them before and how many of you know about them.

Linux Outlaws logo

LinuxOutlaw is a weekly podcast, hosted by Dan and Fab(*). You can find some briefy note about them in the main page of their website.

Linux Outlaws is a podcast about Linux and free and open source software. We are normal users like yourself rather than part of the in-crowd of community leaders and hardcore kernel hackers. On the show, we talk about interesting news and developments and stuff that we come across in our daily usage of Linux, often with a serious attitude and a humorous angle (the podcast has been described as being “very laid-back” by listeners and reviewers alike). We don’t claim to be gurus or experts on anything, but we’re trying very hard to provide you with a good time and interesting information.

What I really like about their podcast is the humorous tone and the lack of linux hype - everything is kep fun but down to heart at the same time.  In many ways I think that an independent - and sometime critique - point of view is something Linux really needs to evolve. It’s looking at the problems, even making fun of them, that you can find good solutions.

Now, I’m not really the podcast type of guy. A bit because I generally prefer to use my ears to listen RATM, a bit because (being non-english mother-language) catching spoken english requires my full attention. Despite of that, I’m happily subscribed to their RSS as the feeds contain the Episode summary as well (see below) and I find it to be a pretty good selection of things I may have interest into and that I may have missed, so it’s quite useful even when I’m not in a listening mood).

The website is pretty good, which turns out to be quite useful. For every episode you find the table of the contents and the time every section begins, so you can happily skip the parts you are not interested into, and links to the source of every news covered. You can also download a (ogg/mp3)  standalone version of every episode if you don’t feel like subscribing their RSS yet.

Also, all the content is licensed under the Creative Commons License. (I should really do something about that as well, one day)

A little breakdown of the resources at linuxoutlaws.com:

Now, if they only could produce some html code to embed a specific episode (as long with a code to embed the latest one) in a webpage, possibly with a link back to the summary on they’re website, that would be really nice. I mean, I would have been able to provide you a better sample of the show. :-) Just check out their promo (wav?!) or - even better - the last episode (ogg, mp3) instead.

This seems like a great time to subscribe my RSS !

2 responses to “Did you know LinuxOutlaws ?”

  1. Dan

    Wow thanks for the kind words about the podcast Stefano, I’m glad you enjoy the show. We do our best to keep it entertaining but hopefully still useful. Keep up the good work on the blog too ;)



  2. Fab

    Wow…. Thanks for the nice words! We appreciate that a lot, as Dan said. I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog as well, a lot of useful info on here. I was actually worried to leech *too* much content… :)

    As for a list with links to all episodes and show notes, check out http://outlawarchives.com - I am still working on that and some .ogg files are missing at the moment, but most of the stuff is there.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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