Linux Chromium progresses on tabs

Linux Chromium progresses on tabs

Those of you who installed the development release of Chromium for Linux may have noticed the tabs don’t work or appear at all.

It’s nice to see work is in progress and the last system updates brings tab functionality to the browser. Being work in progress, tabs don’t work in the way you expect them (you can’t switch between them, you can’t close them, etc), but they appear. So let’s take a look !

New tabs on Chromium

As you see, the tabs don’t appear on top of the Window decoration yet, and it’s doubtful if that will be done (seems like they are taking the easy approach first, and afterwards see if they can get tabs-on-top on Linux either).

Also, still the colors, doesn’t match Gtk.

Refer to this thread to read a discussion related to both issues.

As for me I hope tab on top can be implemented, as they could save a little bit more space.

Here’s a space comparison between Chromium and my shrunk Firefox.

Chromium vs Firefox

As you see the space use is pretty much equivalent.

I also hope the feature that allows to drag a tab on the desktop to create a shortcut that opens a chrome-less browser instance gets implemented soon, as that would be something I’d immediately start using everyday (mainly for google apps: GMail, Analytics, Reader, etc).

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2 responses to “Linux Chromium progresses on tabs”

  1. Niels Egberts

    I can’t wait to use the alpha/beta for everyday use.

  2. BobCFC

    You can close a tab with Crtl-W, and open a new one with Crtl-T, but you can’t use Crtl-TAB to switch between them yet

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