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Sometime ago I filed a bug against Launchpad. I am happy to see today that it has been marked as confirmed and the whole thing is recognized as a potential missing feature to Launchpad.

What I am talking about ? I really think Launchpad needs a wiki for every project. Just like Google code has. This would help independant projects teams to get rid of unuseful own sites setup just for keeping blueprints and documentation. And would help to avoid further time loss setting up an own wiki, an access list etc.

While I have nothing against an open source team to open up their own site, this brings a fair amount of uncertainness for the future of it.

Suppose I write a nifty lib, and then waste my 10$ on a domain just to keep its documentation. In 3 years I could just loose interest in the whole thing and let my domain go down. Every existing/prospective user would be left without a project homepage to consult.

Hasn’t ever happened to you to look for the homepage of a project and find just a parked domain page ? It happened to me today, while checking the xmms2tray (it’s a pygtk present into ubuntu’s repositories) homepage. A site like Launchpad, on the other hand, is much less likely to go down anytime soon.

As a developer I wish my projects stuff to stay around as long as possible, even after I cease to work on it. That would help existing users or people willing to take over in the project.

I filed a brainstorm idea, linked to the bug. If you agree with me, go and vote for it !

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  1. felix

    no, bad idea.

    ..never post a link to a friend when it looks for pornos..

  2. Stefano Forenza

    @felix: on the internet usually it’s the *porn* to look for you.

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  4. I have thought this same thing for the past year. Thanks for doing something about it. I am going to vote on the Brainstorm Idea.


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