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Solang Photo view

I didn’t had the chance to try it Solang. If you want to try yourself to compile and install it on Ubuntu, here’s a (not tested) tutorial I found here:

sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall libgdl-1-dev \
libexiv2-dev libgdamm3.0-dev libgda3-sqlite libcairomm-1.0-dev libglade2-dev \
libgtkimageview-dev libgphoto2-dev libgtkmm-2.4-dev libmagick++-dev

git clone git://
mv solang solang-0.1+git
cd solang-0.1+git
./  --prefix=/usr/ --sysconfdir=/etc/
sudo checkinstall

It won’t create a desktop file, you’ll have to create a launcher yourself or make it run from the shell


To update the source code (you’ll then have to compile and install it again):

git pull

To remove it:

sudo apt-get --purge remove solang

Other stuff

A kind request from the Solang staff:

A request to all users, please file bugs at Solang Project Page (needs login). Also, we are available at sane indian working hours (and sometimes even the insane ones) on the #solang room on Feel free to drop in to let us know of feature requests, any required build assistance, rants and whatever you feel like (we discuss movies also on the room .. :-P )

A bunch of remarks from the developer, (I was right it’s not a f-spot port):

1) Solang is NOT an f-spot “clone”. It contains / will contain features that f-spot may or may not ever have. (Searching using multiple dates, searching using photo-property, paginated browsing etc). It also lacks a lot of features that f-spot even currently provides (A plethora of editing options and filters etc)
2) Jaunty compilation issue: The git version of solang should be compilable. Exiv version 0.18 has been supported. The author of this article has been kind enough to test it out.
3) In-photo tagging: We are NOT planning to do this. Instead we plan to do something better… we plan to port solang to windows in the near future. The back end database path will be made configurable, so that the database may be placed in some shared user area visible to all OS installations on a host.
4) Import from f-spot: We are planning to do this probably in the next release. If this is an immediate requirement, please let us know on solang-users mailing list and we will try to make a patch release for this after the 0.2 release.
5) Exif-IPTC editing… we haven’t decided yet .. but maybe soon enough ..

More stuff and the current feature list in the original blog post.

Packaging efforts are already ongoing. If you’re somewhat skilled at basic packaging yourself this bzr branch contains a work in progress /debian directory. Probably you can already get a working deb using it. If so, please share !

Update: If you’re the type of guy who likes potentially unstable .debs, you can find the packaging efforts of Luca Falavigna in his PPA.

Here’s the first version of the deb he’s building for Solang: 32bit, 64bit. I encourage you not to install other software by his ppa, as it’s something he use for unstable or work in progress packages.

Notice: I didn’t tried the .deb myself and, if you do, you’ll be on your own. It’s also worth saying it’s targeted to Karmic, so it may just don’t work.  Use at your risk. This is not the preferred method of installing. Using the tutorial above it’s a better way for now.

7 Responses

  1. Someone

    Try to install solang_0.1-0ubuntu1~preview1_i386.deb in Ubuntu 9.04 and i get :
    Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libgdl-1-2

  2. This post contains a bunch of more nice screenshots

    [...] hacer la instalación he seguido el manual de con ciertas modificaciones que he tenido que realizar para que fuera todo [...]

  3. Andrea Colangelo

    The package (solang 0.1) Dktrkranz and me are working on has just been uploaded on Karmic. Once it is accepted, built and published, apt-get install solang will do everything needed to have it up and running.

  4. Randall Schwartz

    As long as its not mono/.NET, then Im already there!!

  5. Paweł P

    On my Ubuntu 9.04 I had to install additionally several packages:
    libflickcurl-dev libsoup2.4-dev libwebkit-dev
    to satisfy autogen

  6. Paweł P

    To speed up compilation use -j flag, e.g.: for core duo system use ‘make -j3′

  7. Paweł P

    Two more missing dependencies (missed bu autogen): libssl-dev libcurl4-dev

  8. you can install solang on Fedora 11 :

    su -c ‘yum –enablerepo=updates-testing install solang’

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