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Htc Desire HD (Android Phone) is probably the best smartphone around, but unfortunately it suffers from an unfixed bug that from time to time, busts the init process to take approximately 80% of the CPU, making the whole experience extremely slow and frustrating.

While rebooting can restore the usual speed for a while, the definitive fix is very easy.

1- go to “settings”
2- then “applications”
3-click on “development”
4- then Tick the box that says “USB debugging”
5-then plug your phone into a computer via USB for a couple of minutes.

your lag problem should be fixed!!

if you have the free app “OS monitor”, it will show and prove to you BEFORE and AFTER you have done this. Before the INT/ one would be on nearly 90%, after it should be not much more than 20% but most of the time 0%.

also this WILL help your battery life alot!, this is because your processor will not be working hard, i would say it has doubled the battery life!!

Here’s the video, many thanks to the author !

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