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Just a little secret shared between you, me, and a few hundred readers of my blog. ;-)

It’s a while Google has ipv6 services (if you’re an ipv6 enabled user, you can access google search at for example).

The news here is that Google has sent private invites to beta test their Ipv6 services, to the users of

Dear Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx,

As you may know I work for Google in Zurich. Google has launched a project
called ‘Google over IPv6′, and I have configued the Google DNS servers to
accept queries also for SixXS users. I would like to share with you the
details, and invite you to also become a tester of Google’s IPv6 services!

This DNS Cache Service is available only to users of SixXS address space.
We are running (powerdns) recursor jobs on some of the PoPs. They allow
access to all IPv6 netblocks of SixXS, both tunnel space as well as routed
(subnet) delegations. [...]

The mail the goes on to give the coordinates to setup a Google’s DNS server as your DNS. This DNS server will automatically redirect you to the ipv6 version of their services.

Google over Ipv6

This is a very conservative move, since they could just auto-redirect all ipv6 enabled users instead of only those who opted-in to their DNS server, but is neverthless a strong signal that the IP revolution is approaching and that Google is not going to play catch up.

Read more about Google over ipv6 here.

PS: the mail was sent on April 1st but this is definitely not an April fool ! :)

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