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It’s been a while since I blogged about Rapache. Hell, I didn’t even mentioned that Rapache 0.6 made it in Intrepid repositories and in Hardy backports!

I am happy to say 0.7 release is coming soon. The codename for this release is early eagle, but don’t fear it’s unlikely we will stick with Ubuntu’s naming convention, and, if we do, we won’t come up with.. ehm.. Jackalopes. Promise ! ;-)

This release marks the half way beetwen the proof of concept-ish rapache and the full featured version (which will have – most notably – ssh capabilities).

Major points for this release are:

Reworked UI

The edges of the user interface has been rounded a little.

  • most notably: the “Virtualhost Editor” window is very polished and has not anymore horizontal tabs.
  • Virtualhost and Module editors have a link to the respective online documentation. This is something very simple to implement, yet much needed.

Plugins for more advanced capabilities

Rapache enjoys now a handful plugins to let you perform common tasks easily:

  • the advanced tab lets you configure less often needed things like the server admin e-mail, the custom error log location (along with the error log level), enable or disable apache’s directory listing and to setup your own default documents policy.
  • the basic security plugin it’s basically an interface to the basic_auth module of Apache. This is simple but incredibly handy, you can quickly set up an access list (namely creating users and assigning a password to them) to any virtualhost. Useful for disabling or enabling access to any virtualhost with a click or to restrict the access to a given site without having to resort to any server-side technology other than Apache.

  • SSL ! We provide a Gui to quickly set-up an https:// enabled Virtualhost. Certificate Request creation is provided and even certificates self signing is available. It takes 5-6 clicks to be in business with Apache+SSL :-)

  • We now store last 20 backups of every virtualhost you edit within Rapache. That means that if something goes wrong, you can quickly restore the previous version.
  • You can also now edit the virtualhosts source at hand and save it directly from Rapache. You will enjoy syntax highlighting as you deserve (hey, everyone deserves syntax highlighting).

Apache status

  • Rapache now shows Apache’s status changing its own icon color. So you can see at a glance if Apache is up or not.
  • We put some new item in the menu bar to allow users to start/stop/restart Apache.
  • The new “Log Files” tab allows the user to quickly browse the logs.
  • Every error you get on Apache restart will be shown to the user inside a tab in the main window.

That’s it with the features.

How to get it:

The new dependencies are: python-crypto and python-lxml. After installing those, just check it out from the Rapache’s branch on launchpad.

sudo apt-get install python-crypto python-openssl python-lxml
sudo apt-get install python-glade2 python-gnome2-extras
sudo apt-get install python-gtk2 python-gtksourceview2 gksu
bzr branch lp:rapache
cd rapache

Please report any dependency issues you encounter.

What’s next ?

We will soon be putting Rapache in the PPA to let you get it from there. As early eagle is not yet released, we welcome anyone willing to test it to download it and report bugs.

We are also looking for non-debian contributors interested to see Rapache run on their distribution of choice. If you are amongst them, please get in touch.

We can be contacted:

Also, here’s the Rapache project homepage.

Big thanks !

To Jason for doing so much work! To Qense for helping out with bugs and QA.

Sorry !

No EULA available yet. :)

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  1. Woot! I’m going to test it!
    I already know most of the new features, but I haven’t tried the problem resolver and SSL configuration utility yet. I’ve also never needed to use the back-up utility, but I think I’m going to test that too soon.

    Great program!

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