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Chris Kenyon, in the last Canonical blog’s entry, manages to do the right thing and explicitely marks as FUD the Microsoft propaganda about Linux return rates being higher than Window’s in the netbook market.

If you’re interested in his analysis, I highly suggest you to read such post.

What I’d like to add, is that if you want to avoid high return rates on a Linux computer, you’d better choose carefully your operating system. Xandros, for example, was a unfortunate choice in the eye of many, and so many other commercial distributions.

Ubuntu for the win ! Or Fedora.. god, even Suse (well, maybe not) ! But don’t move away from the mainstream. There’s nothing to gain, so much to loose.

Update: Computerworld noticed the news as fast as me, and added some meat. Check it out.

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  1. I was just about to Blog about the FUD that I’ve seen recently about Netbooks. No one returned Vi$ta PCs for XP? So, I enjoy your article.

    PC manufacturers have told Microsoft (M$) the world is not accepting Vi$ta. Vi$ta “capable” was a law suit.

    Have you seen Office 2007? It is scary – done with crayons – and not use able for people that I know. No wonder Open Office is getting in strength.

    I have not come of with a title for my Blog article – it was something like “Stay In The Stone Age – Run Microsoft”

    Why I switched to Linux is here @

    Thanks for letting me rant!


    Phoenix, Arizona

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