Always Right collectors edition [roundup]

Always Right collectors edition [roundup]

It’s been some month since I began blogging regularly. I eventually had to adapt in many ways to keep the posting rate regular, but I’m pretty much satisfied with the results.

If you’re a regular here, you may want to skip this blog post completely.

Otherwise, here are 5 great posts you may have missed.

Enjoy !

Native Chromium on Linux

Chromium project logoGoogle is finally taking care of us poor freetards. The browser is still incomplete, and used warn you at the start up to not even blog about it.

They have since lost their hopes and removed the warning. This post will help you add the Chromium PPA in Ubuntu as well as install the browser.

The PPA will keep you updated with the latest nightly builds of Chromium, without any manual effort !

Chromium already looks nice, it’s very fast and I’m starting receiving some visits on this website, from people that use it.

Chromium/Linux visits

I believe a bunch of people already use it as their favourite browser. Try it it!
Chomium on Ubuntu [HOW TO]

The EU Parliament still sticks with Microsoft, here’s why

The Mythical Linux PenguicornThis is post is the english translation of a blog post from Marco Cappato, an EU deputy.  The post includes a PDF document which is basically the study that the EU used in 2005 to decide if they should should switch or not to Open Source products (and they decided to stay with Microsoft)

This leaked document was kept secret for years and we really have to thank Marco for letting it in the wild. It has been downloaded a massive 15000 times in the first 6-7 days from my site alone.

One common adjective about it around the web has been “embarrassing“.

Take a look to Marco’s writing and download the PDF here:
The EU Parliament still sticks with Microsoft, here’s why

Get Android fonts on Ubuntu

to-droidLinux default fonts are pretty ugly. Thanksfully the fonts used with Android phone has been released and packaged.

Those look very crisp, display nice even at small sizes and are less space hungry than the default Gnome fonts. Nice for both your desktop and your netbook !

The post also includes some preview screenshot.

I encourage you to try them out:
Get Android fonts on Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu One ?

Ubuntu One workflowWhen I first knew about Ubuntu One my first reaction has been pretty much spontaneous: Ubuntu One, wait… WTF ?!

As an exception respect the other posts, I’m encouraging you to read my follow-up post, which is basicly a FAQ about Ubuntu One that goes over common doubts and misconceptions.

Also seems like I’m pretty right on about everything in there, so, if you’re still doubtful about Ubuntu One, go on and give it a read:
What is Ubuntu One ?

The Mono Crusade

CrusaderThis post has been a surprise. I didn’t expect anyone to read it, really, but it has been an huge success instead.

It’s basically a funny talk about pro and anti Mono campaigns and along with a point on Mono concerns and nice bunch of serious information linked all along the post.

I received an awful lot of compliments (thanks) for the writing tone, even from people who actually like Mono, and surprisingly no flame took place.

Makes up for an entertaining read:
The Mono Crusade (don’t forget to check up the comments section !)

End of it all

Is this post a waste of time and bandwidth ? Insult me in the comments ! :-)

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    Thanks for the info. Learn something new every day.

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