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Jaunty+1 code naming announce is coming closer and you may want to prepare. Since Intrepid+1 Ubuntu 9.04 naming was something unlikely to exist even in the wildest dreams of Randall Munroe,  a little bit of psychological preparation may help you to overcome the shock. Do you remember what happened 6 month ago, right ?

BTW I want a Koala. Or a Kiwi. What do you want ?

Update: our concerns were founded.

10 Responses

  1. The name has already been set, it’s just not been announced yet.

  2. What do I want? I want people to start naming it after it’s version number. Although I’ve been with Ubuntu since 4.10 “Warty Warthog”, and I can produce exactly what version number corresponds with what codename most people can’t. I want to start seeing people call it after the version number. It should be “Ubuntu 8.04″, “Ubuntu 8.10″, “Ubuntu 9.04″, “Ubuntu 9.10″, and so forth. Honestly, who really cares about the codename?

  3. Stefano Forenza

    Aaron, I just read your post about it and let me tell you:

    # I think that will never happen.
    # I think that you’re plain wrong on your reason as well. Even Microsoft left the numbering thing in favor to plain names for Windows (not to speak about Apple)
    # I also think noone will follow your suggestion but maybe a restricted circle of followers.

  4. Reload

    Ciao Stefano, il problema è che dopo uno po si diventa scemi con un nome ogni 6 mesi. Almeno io faccio confusione e gia è tanto se mi ricordo l’attuale nome di ubuntu :=) Apple e ms ogni quanto cacciano fuori i loro OS?
    Ad ogni modo sono piccolezze :)

    The “problem” is you can go mad with names changing every 6 months. I cant remember past versions’ names of ubuntu and i can hardly remember current version’s one :=) How long is ms and apple release cycle?
    Btw this is not so important :)

  5. @Stefano

    Microsoft have come back to numbering though. Not that we should do what Microsoft do anyways. But yeah.

  6. Stefano Forenza

    @McKinlay: yes and no. They did, but they had to take distance from Vista as much as possible. And there could be other reasons: the codename for Windows 7 was Windows 7. As they (trying to avoid previous mistakes) pushed it to the public very soon, they may have wanted to stick with the name already known to the public.

    (@Andrea) On the other side, the Ubuntu version numbering is confusing itself. I am not sure you can remember what 7.04 or 7.10 features were. Perhaps would be easier to think in terms of Feisty / Gusty than to 7.04/7.10.

    The real source of confusion, as you point out, is the fast release cycle, which has its pros BTW.

  7. Alecs Jonson

    Kindred Kitty? :)

  8. Stefano Forenza

    As the other developer of Rapache’s nickname is Killer Kiwi I am hoping for that ;-)

  9. How about Kinky Kenguru? =D

  10. Pelo

    in honor of the current events in Australia ….

    Krispy Kangoroo

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